Do You Favorite?

My local trail is the Western Greenway. I’ve run it enough to know where the rocks are, sometimes without thinking about where they are. And I still love it. The Greenway is, to me, four or five different trails in one. It offers up some technical climbing, some open, buffed out flats, landmarks, loops, different ecosystems, and it’s long enough that if you run the whole thing it’s a good long run. You can digest the whole thing at once or cut it up and loop it to create something new.

The Greenway is so good that I was in Wales, visiting my family, and still thought about how excited I was to run the Greenway when I got home. Wales, for those of you not lucky enough to have family there, is an absolute trail running Mecca. Every village is connected by trails. They bisect farms and thick forests. They lead up into dramatic mountains. Running and riding in Wales is like discovering Narnia and Middle Earth and it’s full of the friendliest people you’ll meet. I could live a whole lifetime in Wales (and may yet) and never get tired of its trails.

But I still thought about the Greenway back home.

Almost every time I opt for the Greenway instead of going somewhere farther afield, I think to myself, “You shouldn’t be doing this. You’re going to get sick of it eventually. And then you’ll be sorry.” The thing is, as great as the Greenway is right now, in late Fall, it’ll be a whole new trail in the winter, and again in the Spring, and again in the Summer.

Maybe I’ll get tired of it. I suppose it’s possible. But.

What’s your favorite local trail?

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  1. The gettysburg battlefield has a seven mile hiking trail around it. It’s a good trail, but I’ve burnt out on it. More frequently (or at least half the time) I’ll run roads and pop into the woods for a mile or two, and then return to the roads. It’s all a mile from my driveway.

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