Suffer Club – Workout #56

The air was still and heavy, and the gnats buzzed and circled like a million tiny vultures. It should have rained, but it didn’t until the end, when everyone was already sweated out.

Kimberly said, “Ugh, John! I hate you!”

Jen said, “This sucks.”

It’s a snowball workout. You do the first exercise (the stairs), then you do the first and second (wall climb), then you do the first, second and third (suspended tucks). And you go on like that building as you go, and until you feel venom in your heart and weakness in your soul.

Stairs (sub a sprint if you don’t have stairs)1 lap
Wall Climb (sub triceps dips if you don’t have a wall)2 reps
Suspended Tuck (sub toe tap planks if you don’t have swings)5 reps
Push Up5 reps
Step Up5 reps where L+R=1
Hill Run (sub a 50 meter run)1 lap
Leg Lift10 reps
Body Row10 reps
Hanging Knee Up10 reps
Squat10 reps
Burpee10 reps