The Balance

I'd like to think my job is to get up in the morning and chase adventures. A trail run. A ride. Some new patch of woods. A challenge. And some days I can manage that. Other days I have to wake my kids at 7:30, feed them, chase them back to their laptops in time... Continue Reading →

The Neuro-Bestiary

I am fascinated by the ways exercise changes my mind, how it opens the metaphorical Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, and lets the bad things out into the open air, where they can drift away or settle at the side of the trail like the falling leaves. I think a lot about the neurochemicals dancing around... Continue Reading →


It would embarrass M that I said hello to everyone we passed on the trail, but then she started doing it too. My feeling is, this isn't the grocery store. We aren't in traffic. It's not the library or the DMV. It's the woods. We are better people here. And to me, that means we... Continue Reading →

Letting Go

She lifted my right arm gently, shook it a little, and began to move it out away from my body. I thought, "It's ok. Just let her have it. Relax." But my mind, the mind under my mind really, said no. Before I felt pain, I felt fear. I was holding my breath. My body... Continue Reading →

The Cardiel Doctrine

I met with a doctor late last week about my shoulder, which he said, casually, was in danger of becoming frozen due to too many adhesions within the joint. Then he said some other garbage that didn't make sense, and made clear that he didn't really want to be bothered treating me anymore. In my... Continue Reading →

Where Is Fitness?

While I am injured and trying to behave myself by sitting still and not at all dreaming about running/riding/working out, while I am still coaching Suffer Club and helping people with bike fits and maintenance, while M sends me maps of future runs and I browse the lists of upcoming, virtual races, the gnawing anxiety... Continue Reading →


The character or quality of a sound, the unique tone color that distinguishes it from other sounds at the same pitch. The texture of the music, note-by-note or more generally. For example: Seu Jorge covering Life on Mars on a classical guitar. Bowie in full space shot mode. Same notes. Different timbres. And also: A... Continue Reading →

Pattern Recognition

Left. Right. Left. Right. This step. That step. This step. That step. Rock. Root. Step. Up. Left. Right. Dodge. Jump. Rock. Rock. Left. Right. The brain is thirsty for order, for the pattern to establish itself, to emerge from the chaos of root and branch. We interpret the incoming stream. We impose order, discard the... Continue Reading →

As Stupid Does

Two things I think and write about too much are weather and injuries. In past seasons I've even had readers (primarily at Red Kite Prayer) ask me to stop rattling on and on about cold, ice and snow. That's fair enough. My weather isn't your weather, and no one likes a whiner. Injuries, on the... Continue Reading →

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