Suffer Club – Workout #3

I love a good AMRAP (As Many Reps as Possible) format, because it lets each person get in their own space and their own rhythm without having to think about what anyone else is doing. From a coaching perspective, this is a set-it-and-forget-it workout. You show the group what you want and turn them loose.... Continue Reading →

A Murderous Frenzy

To run the race we ran on Sunday, I had to sign up, not only because I'm not a douchebag who poaches people's hard work for my own selfish ends, but also because the course ran through some stretches of private property whose owners had given special dispensation to the race organizers to use their... Continue Reading →


If you live on the West Coast, Dogtown is where skateboarding was born, a seedy seaside surf spot that barfed up a cadre of cult heroes with middle-fingers raised and the cultural zeitgeist somehow in their back pockets. If you live in New England, Dog Town is a coastal no-man's land that served as colonial... Continue Reading →

Alone in Photo

Strictly speaking, 'alone in photo' is a way of winning a bike race, or at least that's my sense of its proper derivation. A breakaway rider has vanquished all foes, so that, coming down the homestretch, through the fan-choked barriers, he or she can sit up, pump arms, scream, smile and enjoy the victory in... Continue Reading →

Escape Velocity

I ran a warm up lap at the reservoir, ducking and dodging the geriatrics with their small dogs. Mask up. Mask down. Pushing the pace to escape the humans and to get my heart rate up to that magic hum. Then out onto the road, past the farm, right turn, two blocks and into the... Continue Reading →

Joy as an Act of Resistance

This piece appeared originally at The Cycling Independent. Sometimes the simple act of riding a bike for fun will hold back an ocean of hurt, of conflict, of responsibility, of baggage, of politics both interpersonal and international. Just pedaling, just rolling, just daring to smile inwardly and let the Earth rotate under your wheels, letting... Continue Reading →

Suffer Club – Workout #2

When they complain, you know you've planned a good workout, and they complained about this one a lot. It was a chilly start, and we're losing the light, but that is the rhythm of Suffer Club. We've been at this long enough that everyone knows what's coming. We'll keep at it until the ground is... Continue Reading →

Stop Making Sense

Think of the Talking Heads. See David Byrne in an over-sized suit, finding himself behind the wheel of a large automobile. How DID he get that beautiful house? How DID he get that beautiful wife? That's me on Sunday, running along a stretch of new trail up on Boston's North Shore, in a sprawl of... Continue Reading →

Project 200 Diary

In August, M, my primary running partner, and I set out to run 200 miles. You can read about is here, here, and here. Most of the people I discussed the project with before and during locked immediately onto what the daily mileage would need to be, but I didn't think a lot about that.... Continue Reading →

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