When I’m Tired

When I'm tired, I get quiet. Sometimes I don't even know I'm tired until I realize my eyes are down, fully occupied with reading the line of the trail, and I haven't said a word in more than a handful of minutes. "How are you doing?" a friend asks. That's another clue. The alarm shook... Continue Reading →

Comfort is the Enemy of Comfort

I'm not trying to affect that paranoid style that seems so popular in America today. And I'm not trying to strive for a perfection created by the marketeers and manipulators. I'm just out here chasing my bliss. Hugging trees. Running trails. Riding bikes. Hiking up steep goddamned pitches, and sometimes skiing back down. I just... Continue Reading →

Suffer Club – Workout #20

The New Year. Yuck. The holiday hangover from too much of everything. Good intentions. Dark mornings. The cold. It's a good goddamned thing all these Suffer Clubbers show up with smiles on their faces, or else I'd slap the snooze button like it owed me some money. This one focuses on the big muscles, shoulders,... Continue Reading →

The Bad Idea Brigade

On Saturday I woke at 5:35am in a too-soft bed in a rental condo in Vermont. It had snowed through the night, five inches of fresh white. We had planned to be at the mountain by 6am to begin the long, slow climb up to as high as they'd let us go before skiing down.... Continue Reading →

Be Fucking Cheerful

It's a tall goddamned order, being cheerful, but what are you going to do? Sulk around all the time? Make everyone else miserable? Make yourself miserable? Left to my own devices? Yes. Very probably yes. I was on the trail, running, or trying to run. It was deep summer. I had sweated all the sweat.... Continue Reading →

To See the Sun Rise

We didn't have to do it this way, the alarm set for dark o'clock, headlamps, a pack for extras. Straight up a hillside from the parking lot, all of us living in the narrow, bright cone of our lamps, scanning the slope for trees with blazes on them. Cold, but as we climb we warm... Continue Reading →

A Sliver of Rolling Hope

I ignore my phone a lot, leave it on silent mode, so I didn't see the text until this morning, the one that said we were riding bikes. I sat and pondered. "Do I have time to switch my tires over for the studded pair I bought last winter? Do I really need them?" I... Continue Reading →

Finding the Way in the Dark

It's the solstice. The shortest day of the year. Can metaphors be too apt? Is darkness as a literary device too far beyond cliche'? Probably and probably, but it's Tuesday, and darkness is what makes today today. Meghna and I were driving to a trailhead this morning, both of us a little unclear about where... Continue Reading →

This Depression

I don't know how these things start. What happens? Is there some chemical tipping point? Or is it a slow unbalancing of the scales of contentment? I have experienced depressive episodes with varying frequency since I was eight or nine, so I feel as though I should know by now, where it comes from, but... Continue Reading →

Do You Cold?

How cold is too cold? And how do you deal with the snow? Is this when you switch over to road running? Do you decrease your weekly mileage and pick up other activities? How do you cold? The Suffer Club crew said that it's not really cold until you start to feel the snot in... Continue Reading →

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