In Juria

The English word injury comes from the Latin in juria, or "not right.' This isn't just a state of being not right, broken. It's more. There are connotations of unfairness, of having been wronged. a violation of a legally protected interest (as the physical or mental well-being, property, reputation, or rights of another) for which... Continue Reading →

Suffer Club – Workout #8

I'm not the only one coming back from injuries right now. We have a handful of Suffer Club regulars who shouldn't be running, even though they will if that's what the day's workout entails. To try to overcome their need to push themselves into places that only sustain the injuries they're trying to get past,... Continue Reading →


If you don't love bikes, really love them, stop reading now. The things I'm about to say will sound nuts. Know that, in addition to spending 10,000 hours riding bikes, I've also spent decades studying them. You don't have to believe what I'm about to say, but you should know that I believe it. Terroir... Continue Reading →


If I'm so goddamned smart, why have I come out the end of the trail looking at Main St instead of Totten Pond Rd, where I left my car? I am in exactly the wrong place, even though I was paying attention. It's as if someone picked up the map, spun it on me, and... Continue Reading →

The Results Committee

I ran 3 miles this morning. I ran slowly. I looked at my watch once or twice, but only reflexively. I ran one of my regular routes, and I didn't try very hard, and it went well. I stopped at the end to retrieve a bag of dog shit I'd left there at the beginning... Continue Reading →

Letting Go

She lifted my right arm gently, shook it a little, and began to move it out away from my body. I thought, "It's ok. Just let her have it. Relax." But my mind, the mind under my mind really, said no. Before I felt pain, I felt fear. I was holding my breath. My body... Continue Reading →

In the Driveway, Talking

I could hear them in the driveway, talking. Loading bikes onto the rack. Laughing softly. Rolling out. I didn't open the curtain, because I didn't want to intrude. Chap and Koop, the guys I ride with, off with gravel bikes for a serpentine adventure in some western woods. It's cool and crisp this morning, the... Continue Reading →

The Cardiel Doctrine

I met with a doctor late last week about my shoulder, which he said, casually, was in danger of becoming frozen due to too many adhesions within the joint. Then he said some other garbage that didn't make sense, and made clear that he didn't really want to be bothered treating me anymore. In my... Continue Reading →

Suffer Club – Workout #7

When we rocked up for Suffer Club this morning, all the Sufferers were standing in a loose bunch staring up at the crescent moon hanging in the predawn sky. Within minutes, the sun rose in a burnt caramel layer on the horizon, and we got to work. This is a partner workout. If you don't... Continue Reading →

Where Is Fitness?

While I am injured and trying to behave myself by sitting still and not at all dreaming about running/riding/working out, while I am still coaching Suffer Club and helping people with bike fits and maintenance, while M sends me maps of future runs and I browse the lists of upcoming, virtual races, the gnawing anxiety... Continue Reading →

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