Suffer Club – Workout #21

I got called a mother fucker during this workout. By my wife. So, draw what conclusions you will. This one is best on a basketball court, but you could mark a space with cones and get the same effect. We lined up on one sideline and worked back and forth for many of the exercises... Continue Reading →

Be Fucking Cheerful

It's a tall goddamned order, being cheerful, but what are you going to do? Sulk around all the time? Make everyone else miserable? Make yourself miserable? Left to my own devices? Yes. Very probably yes. I was on the trail, running, or trying to run. It was deep summer. I had sweated all the sweat.... Continue Reading →

Like You Stole It

In 2004, in the dark days of blood-doping in professional cycling, Lance Armstrong said to Floyd Landis, "Run like you stole something." They were out on a breakaway with Jan Ulrich, Andreas Kloden, and Ivan Basso. Landis had ridden on the front, driving the pace until all the other riders had dropped away. Armstrong, in... Continue Reading →


There are really two things I'm trying to do here at Dirt Soul Search. The first and most important thing is to get readers excited about going outdoors, however they want to do that. The second is to think about and understand better my own outdoor experiences. It's a fine line between writing for yourself... Continue Reading →

Safety 3rd

Monday feels like the right day to write this. Monday is a deliberate day, a day to move the week forward in all the obvious and required ways, to meet commitments at a minimum. Monday is a day that sets up the rest of the week. Monday has expectations. Fuck Monday. What does that have... Continue Reading →

All the Same

When I was setting this site up I knew I wanted to write about certain things, trail running, gravel and mountain biking, a bit of nature philosophy, but you have to be careful not to hem yourself in. I added Misadventures, as a category, to gather up all the other stuff I get up to,... Continue Reading →

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