On Not Trying. And Trying.

Here's a piece by my friend Caitlin, about how she found herself running 50 miles in a day, even though she's not a runner. Or wasn't. I always tell people that I was picked last for teams in gym class, but I think that’s actually an exaggeration for dramatic purposes. I was definitely in the... Continue Reading →

The Two Towers Test

We have a six mile loop, the Two Towers Run, that is another sort of test piece. I have no idea what constitutes a fast Two Towers time, because that's not what I pay attention to on this one. Two Towers is more about how it feels, not about how fast you do it. It's... Continue Reading →

The Results Committee

I ran 3 miles this morning. I ran slowly. I looked at my watch once or twice, but only reflexively. I ran one of my regular routes, and I didn't try very hard, and it went well. I stopped at the end to retrieve a bag of dog shit I'd left there at the beginning... Continue Reading →


M is a good friend and a good running partner for a lot of reasons. She brings a lot of motivation. I don't know anyone more excited to run as much and as often as she is. She is constantly scheming new challenges, always on the lookout for new trails, and always willing to go... Continue Reading →

Running with Kids

The irony is predictable. I think I'm doing them a favor. Come along children, let the great wizard of trail running share his wisdom with you. I'll show you the ropes and encourage you when you begin to tire. I'll share my secrets with you, and one day, even if not today, you'll understand just... Continue Reading →

A Murderous Frenzy

To run the race we ran on Sunday, I had to sign up, not only because I'm not a douchebag who poaches people's hard work for my own selfish ends, but also because the course ran through some stretches of private property whose owners had given special dispensation to the race organizers to use their... Continue Reading →

Escape Velocity

I ran a warm up lap at the reservoir, ducking and dodging the geriatrics with their small dogs. Mask up. Mask down. Pushing the pace to escape the humans and to get my heart rate up to that magic hum. Then out onto the road, past the farm, right turn, two blocks and into the... Continue Reading →

Stop Making Sense

Think of the Talking Heads. See David Byrne in an over-sized suit, finding himself behind the wheel of a large automobile. How DID he get that beautiful house? How DID he get that beautiful wife? That's me on Sunday, running along a stretch of new trail up on Boston's North Shore, in a sprawl of... Continue Reading →

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