Running with Kids

The irony is predictable. I think I'm doing them a favor. Come along children, let the great wizard of trail running share his wisdom with you. I'll show you the ropes and encourage you when you begin to tire. I'll share my secrets with you, and one day, even if not today, you'll understand just... Continue Reading →

Nailing It

Arguably, the highlight of my local trail system is a long, narrow, wooden bridge through a marsh absolutely exploding with wildflowers, insects and birds. In summertime the cattails grow tall, attracting Monarch butterflies. The sun blares to the tune of cicada buzz, and the ground water finds its way, thickly, into the air you breathe... Continue Reading →

The Challenges

What you are about to read will seem like an airing of grievances. That's fair enough. Like me, and my fragile psyche, they are better out than in. But more than just complaining, I think expressing these things helps me accept them for what they are and cut myself short when, in moments of duress,... Continue Reading →

The Robot

I thought I was the Robot, but I was wrong. I was younger then and invested in the idea that I was tougher than most. It turns out, once you start drilling down on that idea of toughness, you find out it's a bottomless well, and there's always someone tougher, someone dumber, someone pushing on... Continue Reading →

The Ego is Made of Data

I know a lot of people who love data, who pore over the numbers and derive either some scientific validation or some clear message about how to move forward. I guess I am neither much encouraged by the digits my own running produces or too obtuse to draw forward projecting lines from the scatter graphs... Continue Reading →

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