Do You Rain?

I'm not a fan of platitudes, but they do have this annoying way of capturing the truth in a tight, albeit smug little, package. A week or two ago, I don't remember where I was. It was the internet. Definitely there. And some nice lady was saying (this was in print, not video), "If you... Continue Reading →

The Purest Thing

There are moments you don't go looking for, that simply arise from nothing, or from some alchemical combination of circumstances you didn't foresee. They come upon you like a quick breaking thunderstorm, or like a chance encounter with something wild and possibly dangerous. I looked over at her, rolling down the slim strip of pavement,... Continue Reading →

Rain, the Night Before

The rocks were all slick as moose snot, and the pitch was as steep as the price of good maple syrup. Up and up the trail climbed. The gnats swarmed and dipped and dodged. Sweat beaded, danced, and dropped from the tip of my nose. The roaring brook hadn't had enough to drink overnight, so... Continue Reading →

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