New Bike Day

New Bike Day is like a birthday that falls on Christmas, but in a leap year during a full moon when your tax refund arrives in the mail and your grandmother drops off a fresh batch of cookies. I can tell you what I was wearing on my first real new bike day (hand-me-down older... Continue Reading →


The character or quality of a sound, the unique tone color that distinguishes it from other sounds at the same pitch. The texture of the music, note-by-note or more generally. For example: Seu Jorge covering Life on Mars on a classical guitar. Bowie in full space shot mode. Same notes. Different timbres. And also: A... Continue Reading →

Seven Cycles

When I went to work at Seven Cycles, 39 years-old and soul sick from corporate work, there began a high-level education in a subject I cared passionately about, and I devoted most of a decade to learning about bike design, bike building, and two-wheeled adventure. I absorbed so much and still left so much to... Continue Reading →

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