Wizards # 2 – Nicky Spinks

You can decide for yourself what’s amazing about Nicky Spinks. There’s a lot to choose from. She’s an absolute monster of an ultrarunner, a legend in the fell running community, a cancer survivor whose most notable exploits have come later in life.

Learn more about her MASSIVE accomplishments here.

The other thing that will strike you if you watch this video is just how decent she remains while at the absolute limits of her physical capacity. It is also worth saying that fell running is not glamourous. For all the amazing athletes out chasing wins at UTMB, CCC, Western States, etc., a double Bob Graham Round is a quiet, almost anonymous event, although Spinks is only the second human to do it under 48 hours. In fact, she set the record.

There is so much to admire here, so much class, so much grit and strength. Nicky Spinks has done a lot, but I’m not sure it gets better than this…