The Cycling Independent

Dirt Soul Search is a personal project, a place to write about my own running and riding and hiking and general outdoor life. I spent a decade working on Red Kite Prayer, once named Outside magazine’s #1 cycling blog. What is interesting about that is that, although RKP had a much larger audience than this blog does, the work is more or less exactly the same.

Live as hard as you can manage, and write about it as much you can.

In the background these last few months, I’ve been working on RKP’s successor, a new cycling site that incorporates a lot more voices and has an even broader focus, The Cycling Independent.

TCI wants to be a sort of NPR for the cycling world, a reader/listener supported outpost for all things bike-related, a site completely independent of advertisers and sponsors, a place to get unvarnished truth.

The prime movers are Patrick Brady, founder of Red Kite Prayer, a writer you might have seen in Bicycling Magazine or a dozen other places in cycling media, Mike Cushionbury, former editor of Dirt Rag, another Bicycling alum, and a freelancer extraordinaire, and then me, the scrappy dirtbag from Boston, who lets himself commit the sin of running.

I have a few pieces up at The Cycling Independent now. If you’re into bikes, you might like what TCI has to offer.

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