Do You Shorts?

On October 30th, here in Boston, it snowed 3 or 4 inches, the temperature hovering in the low 30s(F). I went for a run.

There’s not a lot better than the snowy woods, and if the snow is the right consistency, it’s easy, even cushy, to run on. My run did not disappoint. The casual walkers stayed home. The white stuff clung to branches and limned the tops of the trees. I ran hard in the cold air and felt totally alive.

I had shorts on.

I have this theory that the earlier in the winter you can get the cold on your body, the warmer you’ll feel when the mercury really dips. I also run warm, temperature-wise, which may be a result of exercising in cold weather over a period of years. I have read that it is actually possible to raise your core body temperature in this way.

I also find shorts much more comfortable for running than pants or tights. Lighter, obviously. And something about cold legs and a warm body makes me want to run. So I push the limits on my winter running wardrobe.

My question is, for you, how cold is too cold for shorts? Do you have a firm temperature limit? Or is it situation-dependent? Cold rain wants pants, but cold and dry makes shortsing (that’s a verb) possible?

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  1. I don’t mind running in tights. Kinda like it actually. That said, I go based on feel. If I get back from a run and my legs are freezing, it’s tights until it gets warm again. Not that I can actually define warm. It’s part psychological and part physical. Also, I run cold. So, fingers and toes get cold/numb quick, even above freezing. So, I figure if I send warmer blood to my extremeties, then they have a chance of hanging on longer.

    For riding, knee warmers in the 50s and full leg covering below 40 or 45.


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