Do You Rest Day?

It’s like I don’t know what I’m doing. Meghna gave me a No Days Off calendar, and as simple as that, I’ve pushed myself to run/ride/workout every day. Yesterday, while thoroughly enjoying my outdoor activities, I hit a wall. As a result, I lay on the couch most of the day. Brain dead. I drank water. I drank coffee. I rolled myself and got intimate with the percussion massager. I made an espresso at 5:30, to get me through making dinner. Soul tired.

You’d have thought sleep would come easy and that sleeping in would be possible. But what was once my super-power, the ability to doze anywhere and indefinitely, seems to have left me. Maybe it’s man-o-pause.

The thing is I accepted, even asked for, the No Days Off calendar without asking what the rules were. What even is a Day On? Do long dog walks count?

Yes, I know it’s all arbitrary and abstract. This need to measure will almost always trip me up if I let it. The calendar is there to motivate, not to torture. Funny how readily and easily I have been able to misuse it.

So this week I’m asking YOU. What is a rest day? How many do you take? What counts as rest? Do you do nothing? Or do you something very mellow?