30 Rides – Day 5 (The Rescue at Dunkirk)

See what you guys made me do? Made me do a “meh” thing. I rode on my indoor trainer in my little room, watching World War II documentaries, sweating all over the place. Actually just sweated in one place. Down. (John, who are you talking to? Nobody made you do anything.)

Actually, I think a day inside with the security of the trainer was probably not a bad idea.

Considering I did pretty much nothing for a long ass time, I probably have increased my weekly mileage by like a million percent this week. Not feeling dinged up or anything, but we all know how this could end: hobbled with some nagging overuse thing. 

So, let me start over. Thanks guys for making me chill today, and ride the trainer, and watch movies.  

I remember when I first got this trainer in like 2006. CycleOps Fluid trainer. I think it was pretty decent when I got it. I knew nothing about anything bike at that time. Obviously the indoor ride game has changed significantly since then with everybody Zwifting they ass all over the world and getting sexy time on the pandemic Pelotons. Those things are probably awesome and super-fun. I just don’t have them and can’t comment on them. What I will say is that I used to crush myself on the CycleOps in my old moldy basement, staring at a leaking brick wall for hours. 

In many ways the CycleOps saved me from an early 30s spell of physical sloth where I saw working, dadding and adulting as my focus. (John, no. People hate the word “adulting” now.)   It was the thing that pulled me away from a really gross road of quiet, physical, post-athletic desperation.  

So, I say enjoy your Zwift machines and your Peloton power plays, truly. Maybe I’ll get there, but for now, I just have this old CycleOps and fundamentally we’re all just pedaling. I guess the big difference is that when I ride indoors I watch the rescue at Dunkirk and the other guys watch cycling cartoons and sexy spin instructors.