30 Rides – Day 8 (“enjoyable”)

I learned some things on the trainer today: (1) Japan’s ambition as a nation-state in the 1930’s heading into World War II was really impressive (if they just had their own damn natural resources); (2) the Australian jungle soldiers in Papua New Guinea were gnarly dudes; and (3) my legs are getting stronger and gaining more stamina day by day.

For some reason all my sensors except the heart-rate monitor lost connection when I started ride.


Do we need a data debate soulriders? I just did a makeshift interval workout I think. Five minutes kinda mellow and then the next five going really hard, over and over for a while until the documentary ended.

Worked out nicely. Way more “enjoyable” than that first trainer ride because I think my legs are starting to work again. 

I need a nice push outside tomorrow.  It’s just this wind right now is relentless……