30 Rides – Day 12 (The Proverbial Bear)

Lots of chatter out there in internet land about the pee-pee bottles story. The topic even inspired unsolicited comments from the DSS editorial board, who managed to take a shot at this writer and New Jersey as a whole. Notably, the editorial board accused this writer of inconsistencies in reporting the wonderful beauty that is New Jersey while several days later going on and on about the capturing and subsequent catapulting of automotive micturition along New Jersey roadways.  (John, why is this a thing with the internet man?  There’s like ten glaring inconsistencies in every entry you submit.) 

Some clarification need be had.  

Always on the search for truth, this writer investigated how in the world could New Jersey be so beautiful and perfect yet have so many of these nasty little landmines. Turns out the answer is simple: people from Pennsylvania are so jealous of New Jersey that they organize these covert operations where they buy a case of water at Costco and then drive around New Jersey “cycling” through and personally processing each individual water bottle and then launching their jealousy out of their car window into New Jersey’s beauty.  Though sad, it’s ok.  All are welcome, but I do wish visitors would find the appropriate waste basket for their yellow grenades.

Look, another trainer ride today.  It was a trainer ride. There was another documentary. I’ve already given you what that experience looks like for me. There are going to be more trainer rides before we get to Day 30.  

Frankly, some neuroses have set in as to whether I’m being careful enough with my new shoulder. Whether I am doing too much, too soon. Nothing hurts, no warning lights have flashed, but I’m psychologically taking stock again. I went through too much for too long to mess up this gift I’ve been given. 

I certainly plan to see this thirty day thing through, but please forgive me if I back off into trainer rides, perhaps every other day, just to take some load off the shoulder before I do something stupid. I do notice that the road rides require more from my shoulder muscles than does the trainer. I do not wish to poke the proverbial bear.

This is growth for me. 

I’m actually thinking about taking care of myself before there is even a problem. How about you guys with your running and cycling and stuff? Do you ever pull back when you’re actually feeling good so that you can maintain the good, the feeling you sought when you started running or cycling? Can you resist that temptation to go beyond where you should when you feel good? Do you always wait until at least a warning light flashes before you pause?  Do you have to actually be injured before you pull up?  Until now, I always waited until the injury stopped me. I think, however, I’m done waiting for injury before I take care of myself.  I mean more than that to me.