30 Rides – Day 20 (The Bubble Gum Factory)

I forgot about this time of year and what the sun does for riding bikes….

It’s now the season when you can do stuff in sunlight after work hours, and actually stay at work the whole day if you are into that kind of thing. My work schedule, pre-pandemic, involved lots of out-of-office appointments and meetings. And, at this point in life I’m not punching a clock and nobody is really keeping tabs on me. 

As long as the stuff gets don,e and we’re making money nobody cares? Candidly, during the dark months I definitely have scheduled a lot of out-of-office “meetings“ with cycling friends. Shit, people go golfing at work under the pretense of business development and marketing. 

Really, they’re just golfing and getting drunk, right? Well, I too would market my cycling friends during our over-the-road business meetings, only with snot hanging out of my nose and the  inability to breathe properly. I think my marketing mainly involved joking that I was still at work as we hit the turn around.

Well, my point is, we’re back in the time of after dinner rides if that mean old boss has you on a short leash at the bubble gum factory. So don’t despair, the sun loves you and is now here for you when the whistle blows. 

With this big sun showing itself to us longer each day, no need to sneak out of work. Put away your trusty Ferris Buehler mannequin desk setup. Take the sunset cruise….

Oh yea, today is the twentieth day in a row of riding my bike and that foot thing seems to be heading in the right direction. I think we might be good. (John, really?  You just said that?)