30 Rides – Day 22 (In Reality It Was Neither)

“All is, because You are.”

Interesting ride today. Stuck inside on trainer due to weather-related stuff. Decided to try something different. 

Turned off the lights in my little room.Pulled down the shades. Put on headphones. Turned on a guided meditation. Closed my eyes. Synced up my pedal cadence with a background, drone-y sound on the recording. (Very Zone 1). 

Set my intention to pedal at that synced, drone-y cadence for the duration.

I committed to not opening my eyes until the recording was complete. It was very nice. Smooth, quiet pedal strokes. 

Om 1, Om 2, Om 3, Om 4 in my head…..Light sweating. Heart rate increased a bit. It distracted me. Just look at it. Observe it. It doesn’t matter.

This was both a great ride and a great meditation, though in reality it was neither.