30 Rides – Day 23 (Superpowers)

Vaccination number two today….

Without any basis in fact, medicine or otherwise, I will assume being double vaccinated against this corona virus will instill superhuman powers in me. 

Not sure if it will be the proportional strength of an ant or the ability to fly like a falcon. But I am certain my superpowers will soon manifest. If I fail to report on my rides in subsequent days it will be because I am busy experimenting with my vaccination superpowers, and at that point I may not even want to ride my bike anymore since I can fly or lift super heavy shit.

There may have been a little hint of superpower showing in my ride today. The endurance superpower was really there. My strength just stayed in my legs. I didn’t push crazy hard but nonetheless, my legs kept going and going for a while. 

I didn’t feel same need to pull back and recover periodically as I had been needing. Nice.

Some pieces falling back into place. I’ll be ready for beach cruiser season in no time. (There should be a thing “Beach Cruiser Body” instead of beach body.  I wonder what that looks like?)