Books Worth Reading #1

My mother once said to me, "If you don't read books, how are you going to know things?" My kids might answer, "The Internet, duh." But the Internet, while good at containing facts, doesn't do the important part that books do, connecting the facts in ways that make them useful. So I read. The thing... Continue Reading →

You Are Subsumed

You think you are you, but you are not. Hundreds of thousands of bacteria, microbes, and other hangers on ride around with you every hour of every day, on your skin, in your guts, in every moist and dry spot on your body. Is it even yours? In the micro sense, i.e. the sense of... Continue Reading →

A Brand New Religion

Maybe I'm jumping the gun. Maybe you have to start with witchcraft, evolve to cult, and then, if enough people stop thinking you're weird, you can be a religion. The witchcraft part is easy. Cast a spell with your feet or your tires and the local forest. Do this every day, like a prayer, or... Continue Reading →

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