Searching for the Exit

In the very best moments on the trail, no matter whether you're running or riding, thought and action merge into one stream of something like a bliss meditation. Everything gets easy. Everything becomes clear. This is the flow state, a place you might exceed yourself on multiple levels without realizing it, without trying, where time... Continue Reading →

What the Trail Wants

We are holding back, neither of us in peak form, both rehabbing from injuries and trying to get back to that place where the miles come easily and the trail flows. Who knows how far it is from here to there? It's ok. We have time. We can pile ten-minute miles on top of each... Continue Reading →


I'm not alone in here. There are passengers who have not presented a ticket, but who have still shown up for the ride, and the upshot is, I can't really be sure where I'm going to land. I understand that the primary challenge of distance running (or hiking) is managing my physical resources. Do I... Continue Reading →

Phases of the Game

In order to get better at enduring I've been trying to break down the various mental phases of any run/ride/long hike. Somehow being able to identify where my head is helps me manage my fragile state as I bounce along the trail toward I don't know what. Today, it occurred to me that these also... Continue Reading →

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