30 Rides – Day 14 (Faith Rejuvenated)

So consistency is a thing right?….. Seems like an almost cliched term now.  

If you consistently smoke cigarettes your breathing will suffer and you will die. If you consistently eat Mega-Stuff Oreos you will get fat and your blood will turn to gravy. But, if you consistently ride your bike you will get better at riding your bike. I have been consistently riding my bike. (John, it’s been like two weeks.) 

Today on the ride I had a different thought about consistency, more of a micro-consistency.  I was pedaling in a very consistent fashion. My Garmin seems fried so I again rode naked. So, I had no data to look at while pedaling. No watts, no cadence, no speed, no heart rate to look at. (John, do you ride bikes or are you the captain of a spaceship?) 

Just riding my bike along. However, it dawned on me mid-ride that I had settled into a very comfortable, consistent flow. Not too hot, not too cold….just right. The leg tension was very very acceptable. Not weak, but correct.

Specifically, I observed I was pedaling with a very consistent pedal stroke and I was pleased. All of the rotations were smooth. My speed was smooth.  Any changes in speed were smooth. There were no bursts or big pull backs. I just kept turning the pedals around and around and around. 

My heart rate stayed smooth. No big spikes or valleys. All this smooth stuff seemed to emanate from a consistent rotation of the pedals. Maybe all you pros are well-aware of this, but today was the first day I ever really observed all else emerging from the pedal turns. 

That said, I did jump on the wheel of a really nice guy (and strong rider) who reinvigorated my love for stokey cyclists. What was cool was, after I asked if I could jump on his wheel, and he said “for sure,” he followed up and  briefly explained he was doing a four minute steady pace and a one minute push workout. That was cool with me, but even cooler was he said “just wanted to let you know what I’m doing so you don’t think I’m playing some stupid game with you.” 

We rode together for 6 or 7 miles, and he would shout out the countdown for the push and we would hit it. 

He’d hand signal for the return to steady pace and we’d slow. It just felt cooperative. And then, in what seemed like no time and tons of time, he went that way and I went this way. Quick little congenial goodbye and my faith rejuvenated. Thanks Keith. Hope to ride together soon.

Be like Keith, just be cool when you’re riding your bike you dinguses!