The Lemonade

Today, the first snow is falling here in Boston, and for once I'm genuinely excited about. I've been taught now how to love it, see its beauty and opportunities, and that's down to having the right friends. It's good to be friends with people who are better than you are. Keeps you humble. Gives you... Continue Reading →

Project 200 Diary

In August, M, my primary running partner, and I set out to run 200 miles. You can read about is here, here, and here. Most of the people I discussed the project with before and during locked immediately onto what the daily mileage would need to be, but I didn't think a lot about that.... Continue Reading →

The Sensations

For followers of Euro pro bike racing, this reference, to the "sensations" will be familiar. For the rest of you, it goes like this: a reporter asks a rider how he or she feels in the lead up to a big race. The rider says, "The sensations are good. My training has been strong." Whether... Continue Reading →

Project 200 Wrap

There is a recycling center just over the road from Walden Pond, and there, on the verge, in the crab-grassed gravel is where we crossed the 200 mile mark. M said, "Really, we're going to stop here?" What she didn't say is that her watch didn't match mine. In her mind we'd crossed the line... Continue Reading →

And Sometimes You Fall

As I've worked my way toward the end of Project 200, a strange tension has emerged, the small kernel of an idea, an anxiety, at the back of my mind, slowly working its way forward. What if I hurt myself? Numbers mean nothing, and most goals are arbitrary. Succeeding or failing at a project like... Continue Reading →

Necessary Self Sabotage

I can't take myself so seriously that I'm not open to changes of plan, stupid suggestions, and horrible wastes of time and energy. I believe in the value of all those things, even as they derail my carefully cultivated habits and high priority projects. For example, Project 200 is underway, maybe even in its crucial... Continue Reading →

Project 200 Update

Just past halfway through the month, and sitting on about 120 miles of running. The game, as it turns out, is much more mental than physical. Part of that mental game is reframing my daily mileage ideas. Instead of a 3 mile run, I do 5 or 6. Instead of 6 I do 9. Instead... Continue Reading →

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