The Bad Idea Brigade

On Saturday I woke at 5:35am in a too-soft bed in a rental condo in Vermont. It had snowed through the night, five inches of fresh white. We had planned to be at the mountain by 6am to begin the long, slow climb up to as high as they'd let us go before skiing down.... Continue Reading →

Finding the Way in the Dark

It's the solstice. The shortest day of the year. Can metaphors be too apt? Is darkness as a literary device too far beyond cliche'? Probably and probably, but it's Tuesday, and darkness is what makes today today. Meghna and I were driving to a trailhead this morning, both of us a little unclear about where... Continue Reading →

Dawn Patrol

The alarm hurts. It actually hurts, physically, emotionally, maybe even spiritually. It's dark out still, the blinds not yet outlined in the dawn's gray light. A sense of disbelief blooms. Am I really doing this? My sleeping companion stirs only a little. It's not her alarm. This is not her terrible idea. I've laid out... Continue Reading →

The Lemonade

Today, the first snow is falling here in Boston, and for once I'm genuinely excited about. I've been taught now how to love it, see its beauty and opportunities, and that's down to having the right friends. It's good to be friends with people who are better than you are. Keeps you humble. Gives you... Continue Reading →

Alone in Photo

Strictly speaking, 'alone in photo' is a way of winning a bike race, or at least that's my sense of its proper derivation. A breakaway rider has vanquished all foes, so that, coming down the homestretch, through the fan-choked barriers, he or she can sit up, pump arms, scream, smile and enjoy the victory in... Continue Reading →

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