The DSS Manifesto – What We’re About

Dirt Soul Search is a about exploring outdoors and inspiring others to go outside and see what happens. It’s that simple.

We want to spend as many hours of every day out on the trails, among the trees, as we possibly can, and this site serves as a place to share what we find, what we think, and what we feel about those experiences. We are savagely dedicated to the idea that life is better lived outside than in.

This is not a gear review site, and that creates some problems. Most of the outdoor media earns its money from advertisers who provide gear for (always positive) review. It’s a symbiotic relationship which is understandable in the internet era, when all the content sites like this one generate is free, but it creates a dynamic that doesn’t really serve the reader, because writers are always motivated to highlight just the positive aspects of any product. Simultaneously, much of the web traffic outdoor sites like this one need is driven by people looking for information about gear. It’s a paradigm that doesn’t work particularly well for anyone, so we won’t be getting into the business of reviewing products. We may talk about the products we use, but we won’t actively look to cultivate that particular revenue stream.

We encourage reader input. Every post will be open to comments, and we hope you won’t hold back. Show us where we’re wrong. Show us there are other ways. Be part of what’s happening here.

We believe life has one basic project, to find meaning in our every day and to discover ways to live better.