Wizards #5 – Lael Wilcox

If we’re gonna get persnickety and start imposing rules and rigid criteria, Lael Wilcox is probably not old enough to be a Wizard, but I tend to think you’re either it or you’re not, and Wilcox is it.

She’s won TransAm. She’s won the Tour Divide. She owns the record for the fastest Baja Divide. She is simply the world’s best ultra-endurance cyclist. That’s a resume though, and the times/distances/places are all super impressive.

I’m calling your attention to her, because of the way she does what she does. She loves to ride bikes. She rides everywhere, whether she’s racing or not. What she does isn’t all about winning (although she’s insanely competitive). Rather, it’s about being on the bike, which means that, not only is she a monster rider, but she’s a monster with soul.

Watch her go.