Suffer Club – Workout #1

I’ma just leave this right here. Suffer Club found it sorta barfy. Your results may vary.

This is a high heart-rate, partner workout. Find a friend, someone who likes to hurt a little and is comfortable sprinting. Because of the pandemic, we are not using any equipment, all body weight exercises. Our group is 10-14 people on a given morning, so we spread out and manage to feel pretty safe.

We do a 15 minute warm-up each morning that consists of a short jog, and then some mobility and stretching. Then we get to the workout.

Here’s what you do. Set up five cones, 10 yards ap art. The first cone is where you start. The basic format goes like this. Partner 1 sprints to the first cone, does exercise 1, then sprints back. Then Partner 2 sprints to the first cone and does exercise 1. Partner 1 sprints to cone 2 for exercise 2, etc., etc. through the four cones and four exercises. Each partner will have sprinted four times.

To make this extra fun at Suffer Club, I timed each block, so every team was given the time it took them to complete the 8 total sprints/exercises (4 each). Then I challenged them to beat their first time in the second set. For most of these, 3 minutes was a good, quick time.

Block I (repeat twice)

  • Cone 1 – Push Ups x 5
  • Cone 2 – Sit Ups x 5
  • Cone 3 – Squat Jumps x 5
  • Cone 4 – Burpees x 5

Block II (repeat twice)

Block III (repeat twice)

Block IV (repeat twice)

Keep the time between sets short, so heart rates stay high. You should be able to get through this whole thing in about 45 minutes, so given a reasonable warm-up, an hour all in.

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  1. I like the fancy links to exercise explanations. You forgot to build in time at the beginning for excessive amounts of chatting and misunderstanding clearly-stated directions. Because that is also part of it.


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