Suffer Club – Workout #2

When they complain, you know you’ve planned a good workout, and they complained about this one a lot. It was a chilly start, and we’re losing the light, but that is the rhythm of Suffer Club. We’ve been at this long enough that everyone knows what’s coming. We’ll keep at it until the ground is iced over or the mercury dips below 20F.

We are lucky to have the perfect set of stairs in our park, so I use them a lot for cardio breaks. If you can’t find stairs to work on, find a hill. If you don’t have a hill, substitute burpees. I’d say 3 burpees is equivalent to one trip up the stairs.

This is a simple snowball workout. The first time through you do one rep of every exercise. The second time, you do two. The third time, three. Yes, you do an additional lap of the stairs (or hill or whatever cardio burst you have access to) each set. By the last round, you should do 10 reps of everything, including the stairs.