Suffer Club – Workout #7

When we rocked up for Suffer Club this morning, all the Sufferers were standing in a loose bunch staring up at the crescent moon hanging in the predawn sky. Within minutes, the sun rose in a burnt caramel layer on the horizon, and we got to work.

This is a partner workout. If you don’t have a partner, I recommend splitting it in half and making it two workouts. If you’re going solo, then you’ll need to set a number of reps for the Partner 2 exercises. Then you’ll bounce back and forth between the two instead of trading off with a partner.

I call this one “4 Minutes of Fun,” and as the timer clicks past three minutes you’ll understand why. You’ll need a medicine ball. Check the links for illustrations of what some of the more obscure exercises look like.

OK. Partner 1 is the counter, i.e. you switch exercises when partner 1 is done with his/her set. You continue swapping back and forth for 4 minutes. Then you move on to the next set of exercises.

Partner 1Partner 2
10 x Med Ball Push UpsJumping Jacks
10 x BicyclesBurpee
10 x Triceps DipsSquat Isometric
1 x Stairs (or other cardio blast)Reverse Lunge
10 x Med Ball Tap n Toss*Plank
Interlude – Both Partners Run 1/2 Mile
10 x Med Ball Sit UpsWalkout
10 x Crap TapsSumo Isometric
20 x Speed SkatersMed Ball Russian Twist

* From a standing position, bend (knees too) to tap the medicine ball on the ground, then stand up and toss it over your head. Repeat.