Suffer Club – Workout #9

We’re in deep Darktober now. One week to Daylight Savings. The crew looked under-enthused this morning, but once we started moving it all came good.

This is an AMRAP work out (as many reps as possible), where each person just follows the board at their own pace. It’s alternating cardio and muscle work. For your cardio, you should choose progressively longer distances to run, starting with quite short and going up to about half-a-mile. We have access to a basketball court, so I used it for our first two runs, getting in some lateral movement too. The place names for our runs are specific to our park/school/roads. We used bands for the curls, bent rows, lat pulls, chest flies and lateral raises. You can use weights. Do you, you know?

  • Full Court – Sprint one sideline, side-shuffle to the opposite corner, back pedal the other sideline, side-shuffle to where you started.
  • 2 x (10 Triceps Dips/10 Inclined Push Ups)
  • Suicide – Free throw line, half court, free throw line, opposite end line.
  • 2 x (10 Step Ups/10 Squat Thrusts)
  • School Lap – Not quite a quarter mile.
  • 2 x (10 Curls/10 Bent Rows)
  • Warm Up Lap – A little over a quarter mile.
  • 2 x (10 Lat Pulls/10 Chest Flies)
  • Run to View – A little over, a little over a quarter mile.
  • 2 x (10 Lateral Step Ups L & R) – Stand sideways to your step for these.
  • Far B-Ball Court – Not quite half-a-mile.
  • 2 x (10 Elbow-to-Knee Crunches/10 Leg Lifts)
  • Stonehenge – A half-a-mile, up a hill.
  • 2 x (10 Reverse Lunges/10 Lateral Raises)

Repeat according to taste.