Suffer Club – Workout #10

As it turns out, this is a twofer. Two workouts masquerading as just one. It’s also a good illustration of how difficult it can be to plan exactly an hour’s worth of fun from the comfort of the couch. The Suffer Clubbers said I could bring the second half of this one for our next session, but I don’t roll like that. I don’t like them to know, in advance, what we’re doing, so I’ll just squirrel it away for later. Lucky you, I’m posting the whole thing, so you can do a two hour workout, or break it up as you see fit.

What we’re trying to accomplish with this workout is the optimal sandwiching of exercise reps and cardio work, by using the cardio as the “rest” between sets.

Another thing I did with this workout is give minimum and maximum reps, so the less ambitious could choose the lower number and the more ambitious had a higher target. That reads as min/max below.

  • Push Ups 10/12
  • Leg Lift with Scissor 10/12
  • Burpees 8/10
  • Crab Taps 10/16
  • Triceps Dips 10/12
  • Prone Franks 10/14
  • Plank Twists 14/22
  • Step Ups 16/24
  • Break Dancers 10/12
  • Speed Skaters 20/30
  • V-Sits 15/20
  • Squat Thrusts 10/16
  • Side Squats (L & R) 10/16
  • Tuck Jumps 5/7
  • Plank Shoulder Taps 10/20
  • Sit Ups 10/15

It bears repeating something I said in a previous Suffer Club post. We do a 15 warm up before every workout. A slow, 1/4 mile jog followed by dynamic movement and stretching, some pseudo yoga. We move all our joints before we move all our joints, if you know what I mean.

Standard Suffer Club workouts are 45 minutes.