Suffer Club – Workout #13

Lucky 13. The sun treated us to another dazzling show this morning. The unseasonable (but increasingly predictable) warmth and perfect light set us up for a win. All we had to do was suffer a little.

So we did.

Here’s how this one works. For every pair of exercises, you’re going to do 10 reps, 3 times. So, for the first pair, you’d do 10 Lunges, then 10 Push Ups with no rest, and cycle through three times for 30 total reps each before moving to the next pair.

There are two cardio breaks in this workout. We ran 5 laps of our stairs for the first one. If you don’t have stairs, then substitute some other two minute cardio burst. You could run one lap of a track or do two minutes of jumping jacks.

The Suffer Club crew got through this list one-and-a-half times, but we weren’t really crushing it this morning. It was a chatty hour. If you were motivated, you could certainly get through twice.

It bears repeating that we always do 15 minutes of jogging and dynamic stretching before we start our workouts, and we end with 5 minutes of static stretching. Be smart. Warm up. Cool down. Don’t get hurt.