Suffer Club – Workout #18

Things get dicey now. The snow/ice/melt cycle has a big impact on whether we can safely Suffer or not. The crust of Saturday night’s snow is holding strong against December’s low sun. We’ll be relegated to the local school yard now, if it’s not too icy there.

We actually broke our temperature guidelines this morning. We don’t work out if it’s under 20F. With wind chill today, it was 13F, and we would normally sleep in on a morning like this, but I failed to really check the temperature, so we worked out anyway.

This is a partner workout. Partner 1 (P1) is the timer. Partner 2 (P2) does their exercise until P1 is finished, and then they switch. There are 8 “stations” here, and I ran them 5 minutes each, which gets everyone enough reps before moving on.

Remember, we always warm up, dynamically, for 15 minutes before we start any suffering. We do a short run, then moving stretches, a little yoga improv, etc. We try to finish our workout 5 minutes early to do some static stretching at the end.

Here are the exercise pairs:

  • P1 – Kettle Bell Stack / P2 – Plank
    • KB Stack is 5 kettle bells in front of a low wall. They must be lifted onto the wall, one-at-a-time, and then put back on the ground, one-at-a-time, to complete the stack.
  • P1 – Agility Ladder out and back / P2 – Reverse Lunge
    • Agility ladder pattern entirely up to the ladderizer.
  • P1 – Dumbell Shuttle Run / P2 – V-Sit
    • A pair of dumbells carried at the sides to complete a 25yd, back and forth run, as on a basketball court maybe, or you can set up two cones.
  • P1 – 5 Burpees / P2 – Break Dancer
  • P1 – 10 Big Ball Tap n’ Toss / P2 – Russian Twist
    • We have a big 20lb ball. Tap it on the ground, then throw it over head. Catch it, or get out of the way.
  • P1 – 50 X-Body Mountain Climbers / P2 – Curl
    • We use bands for our curls, but dumbells are fine too, obvs.
  • P1 – 10 Squat Jump / P2 – Plank Toe Tap
    • Squat jumps can be modified to simple squats if no impact is desired.
  • P1 – 40 Jumping Jacks / P2 – Leg Lift