Suffer Club – The Twelve Days of Suffering

When you’ve been suffering as long as we have, the biggest obstacle is boredom, so we end up doing some pretty goofy shit just to stay interested. I once designed a whole workout with an airport theme that included snaking your way through baggage check, taxiing a runway, taking off, landing, etc.

So naturally, we needed to do a quasi-snowball workout based on the 12 Days of Christmas. With something between 6″-12″ of snow on the way for Thursday, this might be our last workout before the conditions become obnoxious.

Here’s how it works. You follow the format of the song (and I’m sorry in advance for putting the song in your head). So first you run a Suicide (or whatever more politically evolved name you have for this), then you do 2 Tuck Jumps and run a Suicide. Then you do 3 Triceps Dips, 2 Tuck Jumps and a Suicide, and you continue like that, adding the next item on the Christmas list.

This one isn’t too tough. The Suffer Clubbers finished it in 35 minutes.