Suffer Club – Workout #20

The New Year. Yuck. The holiday hangover from too much of everything. Good intentions. Dark mornings. The cold. It’s a good goddamned thing all these Suffer Clubbers show up with smiles on their faces, or else I’d slap the snooze button like it owed me some money.

This one focuses on the big muscles, shoulders, abs, glutes and quadriceps, as well as mobility. It’s not a gentle intro to the New Year, especially as the timer ticks past three minutes.

It’s a timed, partner workout. Partner 1 is the counter, so for example, in Set 1, Partner 1 will sprint out and back (we used a basketball court), while Partner 2 holds a plank. Then they switch. The switching continues back and forth for 4 minutes, then you move on to the next set.

You’ll need a low wall or bench for step ups, some bands for lat pulls and lateral raises.