Suffer Club – Workout #22

January gets rough, not only because we’re working out in the cold and darkness, but also because we’re a little location limited. Running in the dark gets treacherous, especially when you’re doing hill repeats or stair work.

I told the Suffer Clubbers to bring headlamps for this one, because we needed to escape the lighted schoolyard where we’ve been meeting lately.

Here’s how this one works. You pick a location (distance), a core exercise, and a not-core exercise. We have a set of “landmarks” we use that map onto those distances. Don’t worry so much about the exact distance, just make them progressively farther.

During the workout you can pick any of the six options in each category. The catch is that you can’t pick them again until you’ve cleared the board, i.e. done everything else. This gives folks some sense of autonomy, but still gets all the work done.

The not-core exercises are of a quantity that I encouraged the crew to alternate back and forth with their core exercise.


  1. 50 yards away
  2. 75 yards away
  3. 100 yards away
  4. 150 yards away
  5. 200 yards away
  6. 300 yards away
  7. 400 yards away

Core Exercise

  1. 15 x Leg Lifts
  2. 15 x Sit Ups
  3. 15 x Spider Lunges
  4. 40 x Russian Twists
  5. 20 x Bicycles
  6. 20 x V-Sits

Not Core Exercise

  1. 30 x Push Ups
  2. 30 x Reverse Lunges
  3. 20 x Burpees
  4. 30 x Squat Jumps
  5. 30 x Triceps Dips
  6. 30 x Speed Skaters