30 Rides – Day 2 (Nobody Likes a Narc)

Went to bed last night looking at the weather forecast for this morning.  Was preparing my list of excuses as to why I wouldn’t ride today.  It was sizing up as I went to bed:  pouring rain in the morning, followed by 50 m.p.h. wind for the afternoon. 

Perfect. No way I could ride in that stuff. 

Plus, I have that 10:30 a.m. appointment.  Guess I’ll just take a “recovery day”  tomorrow.  (John, it’s literally Day 2). 


Woke up. Little gray. Streets were damp. Drove my son to school and wouldn’t you know it, the sun was shining bright by the time I got home. No excuses. It was 8:00. Plenty of time to crowbar a ride in before the 10:30 meeting. Kitted up. Fingers were crossed as I grabbed at the zipper of my favorite jersey. It fits! (Phew)   

The rising wind perfectly accommodated and kinda remained at my back most of the ride. Pulled back on miles today due to the time limits, but that feels ok.  I forgive myself. I may even someday learn to enjoy physical activities where I don’t completely destroy myself in the pursuit. 

Little cranky about the last tune my shop did before my surgery. Bike came back a little clicky.  Just enough noises for me to overly focus on that instead of the ride at hand. Landscaping spring cleanups have begun and there are mounds of debris every 100 yards in the one dedicated, demarcated bike lane I ever ride.

Are we doing a cycling rights thing? Do I complain to the front office? Or are we living and let living with this stuff? Nobody likes a narc. But, I also don’t want to get run over by a truck when I veer into the road because there are piles of leaves and sticks covering the entire width of the bike lane. Man, people who don’t play bikes hate people that do.

Anyway, great Day 2.  I feel good. I’m glad I cut some miles off. I did eat a bag of lime-flavored Frito Lay chips after my ride. Not a giant family bag, just a single “Big Grab” size. They are weird chips. They need something else.