30 Rides – Day 3 (Tony Soprano & Cinnabon)

What a day!  Been away from the Pine Barrens for too long.  Perhaps the gem of New Jersey.  Look, New Jersey rules.  I’ve lived here 46 of my 47 years of this lifetime.  I was literally educated for 21 years by New Jersey public schools.  I stink like a hoagie dipped in Toxic Avenger stuff. 

Essentially, I’m indistinguishable from Tony Soprano. 

Do I need to do this Jersey bit on such a beautiful day?  Just, if you don’t live in New Jersey understand that it rules.  I simply love that the Pine Barrens patiently exist  in the midst of the most misplaced geo-cultural stereotype of which I’m aware: New Jersey is one big refinery on the side of an 8 lane highway. 

Do you know that in the late ‘60’s the Pine Barrens were almost wiped out to make way for what would have been the world’s largest super-airport?  You need to recognize and go find John McPhee’s book on the subject. He saw that this ecological/cultural treasure was about to be lost so he undertook the writing of “The Pine Barrens” to preserve the living history and culture before it was eradicated to make way for terminals of Cinnabons.

Damn, I could go for a Cinnabon.

Well, I got my day 3 ride in most splendid fashion.  Oh yeah, almost forgot: I rode my mountain bike and grounded the gnar gnar grav grav for like 90 percent of the ride. That’s what you do right, grind the gravel?  People like gravel now, right?  Can you gnar the grav grav or do you have to grind it? 

Whatever the kids are doing these days to unpaved roads in the Pine Barrens, I like it, I’m in and sign me up!  Now, off to find an airport Cinnabon dispensary…..