30 Rides – Day 4 (Your Hero-self)

Nice. Day 4 actually started with digging up raspberry bushes at my friend Brian’s house and replanting at my house in the pouring rain. With all this rain it looked like Day 4 was going to be a half-hearted indoor ride on the trainer watching World War II in Color. (John, do we really need to go over Rule #5 for the umpteenth time?) 

Yet, it was not be. Rain stopped and Travis was heading out for a “recovery ride.” Travis suffers from a condition known as “being fit and filled with youth.” Thank god it was going to be a “recovery ride.”

Fast forward to the part of the movie where I am yelling to Travis to “pull back just a little!” as my heart rate pushes 170.  

Actually, today was great. Some of those old timey feelings came back. Digging a little deep.  Focusing on Travis’ wheel to hang in there for a little more. We pushed. I pushed. Shooting snot rockets to get more air in the face holes.  

Man, that south wind along the beach. We were absolute superstars on the 8 mile northbound run. I’ve done this route a million times and somehow insist on forgetting the reality that when I feel like a superstar on the northbound stretch there will be a reckoning of biblical proportions after the turn back heading southbound.  And, as usual, two-wheeled fire and brimstone was had by all after the turn into the eternal headwind tunnel of suck.

Travis and I talked about the Hero-self for a while. (Obviously while riding north.)  You know, the best version of You.  The You that does all the things in the fashion you aspire to. Not the You that understandably gets squashed by ego and fear in this nutty world.  If you imagine that your Hero-self is always next to you, like riding shotgun, how would your decision-making differ?

Your Hero-self doesn’t judge you. He just chills. Hangs out. If that perfect form of yourself were there with you, just hanging out, would you eat the whole thing of Mega Oreos?  Would you talk to your kids that way?  Would you talk to YOURSELF that way? Would you leave that piece of trash in the woods even if it’s not yours?  You get it. Let’s all get our Hero-self to ride shotgun a little more.

Anyway, great Day 4.  I could see a scenario where my legs are a little gooey tomorrow. (John, nice try.  They are starting to tune into your bag of excuses and slothful intent. See Rule #5.)