30 Rides – Day 10 (This Brand of Dis-Ease)

Cycling, like all things, requires being placed in its necessary and proper position in one’s life, at a particular time in that life.  I humbly submit that the proper position in one’s life will depend upon the particular cyclist.  I am a husband and a dad.  I am a working professional within the square community.  So, at times my cycling (or any of the other past times that I enjoy) necessarily must take a back seat.  Hence, my chances of a podium at this year’s Tour have greatly diminished. 

Presently, as I work through these 30 days of rides I’ve also committed to a Pranayama (yogic breathing) training that occurs daily at 6:00 a.m.  Typically, right after that my house wakes up looking for coffee, breakfast, homework, etc., whilst complaining about something. Then, it’s either off to my office or pandemically jumping on my laptop to work from my kitchen counter. 

My point: I have a bunch of shit going on all the time.

Ok, so what?

Today, on a beautiful Saturday, in the middle of this 30 day thing, ycling took a mini-backseat.  I rode the trainer when I’d rather be outside.  Banged out another perfectly timed WWII documentary. Stuff just had to get done today around my house prepping for my son’s 15th birthday.  I couldn’t totally bail.  (John, you’re kinda full of shit.  You still rode your bike.)  I’ve just seen a lot of guys in the cycling community lose sight of priorities in life.  Cycling always comes first.  Why is cycling so weird in terms of often compelling its participants to run their life priorities askew?  

I note I am very fortunate to have a wife and partner who understands my particular brand of dis-ease.  She knows that cycling can serve as a valuable tonic for that dis-ease at times.  Hence, today we discussed it’s probably best for everybody involved if I at least squeeze in a trainer ride before the outdoor family birthday gathering kicks off, even if I hadn’t totally finished my chores.  (Here he is again talking out both sides of his mouth.) 

Maybe all those cycling guys who I accuse above of mis-prioritizing cycling in their lives have their own brand of dis-ease that simply requires a lot more cycling than I do.  Is obsessive cycling a better tonic than obsessive gin and tonics? Probably.