30 Rides – Day 11 (Message in a Bottle)

It always amazes me how many water bottles filled with pee I see on the sides of roads riding my bike around. What is going on? I’m not riding around in the deserts of New Mexico with hundreds of miles between bathrooms. There’s a Wawa or Quick Check public bathroom like every 35 feet if you can’t make it back to your house or to a secret pee spot. I guess people love to chug water and stuff like ten minutes before their car ride.  (ED Note: Maybe this pee in a bottle stuff cuts against all that stuff you said last week about how beautiful NJ is).

Maybe there’s like a thing where people enjoy peeing in bottles while driving.  All this seems weird. 

Regardless of all the automotive peeing going on around Central Jersey, today was the best ride of 2021 hands down. I got tired of staring at the beautiful ocean all the time on my rides so I turned inland back to an old route. Different topography, different terrain. Way more “climbing.”  (John, do you want me to show them an elevation map? Stop with the climbing stuff.)   

I realized I am tired of that ocean route I have been riding kind of repetitively lately. I had been riding it to avoid intersections and cars.  More intersections and more cars, more opportunities for bad shit to happen. I’m still very interested in not crashing or getting hit by a car or getting stuck in my pedals at a light, etc. But today, I veered into the sunshine that was showering the land of intersections and cars. No bad shit happened.

Fortuitously, my Garmin crapped out immediately after clicking in. I rode looking at nothing.  (John, wasn’t it weird that despite intellectually knowing your Garmin had no power and blank screen, you looked at it about 500 times instinctively, particularly when you were under load.  Wonder what your watts were?) 

Despite no data, I’m getting back to that spot where you feel speed, cadence, watts, heart rate without looking at the Garmin. That’s a sign of syncing back up with cycling I think. My legs were strong and had more in them. My heart rate is stabilizing and recovering more quickly. I sort of sprinted like the last mile home. Hopped off the bike feeling good, appropriately worked, but not crushed in a bad way.  

Best Happy Easter ride….