30 Rides – Day 13 (Letting Love Dictate the Pace)

Do you even bike bro?…I think so.

What about if you just ride around town with your special lady friend? She’s on a sweet beach cruiser, basket at the ready for the stop at the supermarket. You’re on your townie. Stop at friends’ houses along the way while they’re in the middle of making dinner. Their work was hard today.  

Heart rate never sees a triple digit. Not a bead of sweat. Double riding on sidewalks the wrong way. Stopping at lights to wait for the “walk” signal. 

Wondering when the town library will reopen. Crossing in crosswalks at intersections. Lots of no-hands. Letting the love dictate the pace. Stopping at the dock for a few minutes of chit-chat in the sun. Kids are somewhere,doing whatever.

Yes.  We went for a bike ride.  Day 13. 

“We should do this more often.”