Suffer Club Workout #28

More perfect weather swelled the ranks of the Club beyond 15 this morning, with two first-timers joining us. The sun rose bright and clear as we began our work, a gentle breeze breezed through.

The format for today is pretty self explanatory. Start in row one with the Curls and follow across, hitting each of the four food groups there. If you don’t have access to stairs (row 3) maybe you have a hill you can use. For the wall climbs, we have a chest height wall. If you don’t have one, then substitute inclined push-ups.

These are the good days. It’s cool out, dry. The light is good. This is when we gotta make hay, because we’re speeding toward summer now with its heat and humidity.

15 x Curls15 x Squat Jumps20 x V-Sits40 x Jumping Jacks
15 x Tri Dips20 x Step Ups20 x Bicycles1/4 Mile Run
15 x Push Ups20 x See-Saw Lunges15 x Leg Lifts3 x Stairs
15 x Lat Pulls10 x Glute Bridges20 x Plank Twists20 x Burpees
5 x Wall Climbs20 x Curtsy Lunges40 x Russian Twists1/2 Mile Run
Ideally you’re getting through this twice, but do what you can. I’m not judging you.