30 Rides – Day 16 (The Way of the Jedi)

You ever ride angry?….

Today I started the ride angry.  You know, stuff was happening around me.  I looked at the stuff and observed. Stuff outside of my control.  Yet, I couldn’t shake the emotion.  So,I rode angry with undirected vengeance in my heart.

So I clicked in with Emperor Palpatine in my ear.  “Good. I can feel your anger. … Take your weapon.  Strike me down with all your hatred, and your journey towards the dark side will be complete.” 

From the initial pedal strokes I pushed hard and fast into the pedals.  Heart rate jacked way to fast.  Who cares, there was undefined rebel scum between my ears to deal with.  I kept pedaling with illogical anger in my heart…..

The next thing I knew I was many miles into the ride thinking about how my legs are just turning the pedals uniformly.  It started raining.  My glasses were fogged and splattered. But, wow, look at those legs go.  Synced.  Heart rate had been way steady for a while all tuned up by my anger. 

What was I angry about again?  Obi Wan now entered my ear advising that I had “allowed this Dark Lord to twist [my] mind until now … until now [I had] become the very thing [I] swore to destroy.”  Obi Wan was right, but I was way ahead of him at that point.  I had ridden the anger out my heart.  I was just riding my bike again, enjoying the emerging strength in my legs and listening to my steady breath. 

The Force was with me.