30 Rides – Day 17 (It’s not a problem, I can quit anytime)

Do we care about Strava PR’s?….

I think I do. At least today I do. Sorry soul riders. I know this Strava discussion is old and kind of boring at this point. Rest assured, however, I am not launching into a pro or anti Strava thing. I simply believe, like all things in their right time and place, Strava and its ilk can be a great tool and fun. It can also be the worst thing.  In fact, I had to completely separate myself from Strava a few years back because I got way too into comparing myself against other guys I rode with and feeling like somehow I wasn’t riding enough or strong enough.  It was crazy.  So I cut out the crazy for a while.

I have a different relationship with Strava now, a healthy fun relationship.  I no longer care what other guys are doing on their rides as it relates to me. I do like seeing what other guys are up to, how they’re improving, where they’re riding, especially friends who race. I love seeing that Dave just ripped off another monster ride and shooting an emoji at him or something. 

Anyway, I have been recording these 30 in 30 rides on Strava and lightly checking stats.  Like, who really cares, myself included, about the stats of a guy just trying to get back on his bike with some consistency, trying to get back in shape. But today when I got home and showered up I sat down with my phone and looked at the ride. My Strava shit was lit up like a Christmas tree on a bunch of segments. I literally had a handful of PR’s on segments I have ridden many many times. And, there were even more 2’s and 3’s.  (If you’re wondering, no KOM’s.)  

Now, I’m not getting ahead of myself at all.  It was just neat to see I picked up a bunch of PR’s on some well-ridden segments and really did not feel like I was working all that hard. I know on some of those segments in years past I rode hard, alone and in groups. Today I was riding for sure, but I wasn’t trying to push for any purpose.  I was most definitely not KOM or PR hunting today. But there it goes nonetheless, “objective” proof of improvement in cycling fitness, the diagnosis of Dr. Strava. Maybe there was some tailwind, maybe I drafted off a truck, I don’t know. I don’t remember. I wasn’t paying attention at the time. I don’t care either. 

I’m simply going to enjoy my dopamine drip administered by Dr. Strava and ride my bike again tomorrow. (Maybe I’ll ride the same route and see if I can quell my insecurities even further with some more PR’s!)