30 Rides – Day 18 (Barbie Feet Bullshit)

What a day for a Paris-Roubaix tribute ride here in New Jersey!  Raining and cold and grey…. Oh wait, this just in. The race is postponed. COVID stuff, again. In solidarity I too will postpone my Paris-Roubaix tribute ride today, sort of.  

I was back on the warm, dry trainer in my little room. Today there was no viewing of colorized footage of the Allies versus the Axis powers.  Instead, I watched Jorgen Leth’s “A Sunday in Hell” documentary about the 1976 edition of Paris-Roubaix. 

It appears none of the riders had Strava accounts. They did, however, have some serious grit.  Dudes get dirty and banged up. Who needs a helmet? Who needs perfectly balanced electrolyte protein drinks? 

Just pedal your ass off in dirt and dust through protests and over pave’. Can’t even imagine riding those cobbles on this new robo-shoulder. They had the coolest jerseys too. Consider Paris-Roubaix now tributed. 

So, my check engine light went on this morning when I woke up. My left foot. I have these weird shaped feet. Barbie-shaped feet to be precise. Very high arches, with like a big humping top of my foot.

On occasion, after cycling or running a lot or increasing mileage too quickly, I get this foot pain.  Sometimes it really sucks. I’ve never been able to nail down the exact cause. Not sure if it’s my cycling shoes, which definitely were not designed for Barbie. Very annoying. The foot did loosen up over the day but I need to keep an eye on the dashboard. 

I can’t be abandoning the 30 in 30 on some Barbie feet bullshit.