30 Rides – Day 19 (Ample Stupidity)

The strategy for today’s ride was simply to protect Barbie’s feet

Not sure if what I did today should be called a ride. I sat in the saddle. I clicked into the pedals.  Then I turned the pedals for a period of time. My shoes were practically falling off my feet, avoiding the boa lace squeeze upon my feminine, toyish feet. 

I got about half-an-hour in the books. I sweated, but not my usual deluge requiring a sump-pump. Can I get a ruling? Can I check the Day 19 box? Am I allowed to sort of phone one in here in the name of potential healing!?

Way I figure it, I had to pull back today.  If I didn’t, I fear we’d never see the “30/30” day. What do we do when that nagging, but not debilitating, thing pops up? I guess it depends. Are you training for the Olympics? Does working through injury add some mental toughness needed to persevere on a later date. I don’t know. 

I do know that I’m done being stupid. Well, at least about my Barbie feet. I assure you there will be ample stupidity in many aspects of my life moving forward.

By the way, are we all still good with this writing project? I had a pang of insecurity today wondering if this stuff is still (or ever was) interesting for readers. It has definitely kept me focused and committed to the daily rides, even if sometimes not quite epic. 

So thanks for hanging around. What do you say, we hang in there for a couple more weeks or so?  Don’t you want to find out how my feet hold up?