30 Rides – Day 21 (Kooking Out)

I mean, helmets are cool and all……

Out riding around today. Beautiful spring day. So beautiful that lots of big bugs seem to have hatched or returned from hibernation or something. An entomologist I am not. Nonetheless, I took a ton of big bugs to the face today. 

Now, I wear glasses these days in the regular course. In fact, without my prescription glasses I can no longer see the information on my Garmin. So, I’ve been riding with my normal prescription glasses. For sure, my glasses saved me, not only today,  but on many days from big bugs and other things from blasting right into an eyeball.   

So many times in a group ride a rock kicks off of somebody’s tire into the air and whizzes by your head, hits your frame, or sometimes hits you. Sometimes in the face. It seems to me that glasses while riding are way more of a safety item than a vision enhancer. 

I may be late to acknowledging this reality.  My eyes are pretty important.  

I think I may spend a couple bucks on some cycling specific prescription glasses. However, I think cycling glasses are really ugly for the most part. Can I just wear my regular glasses or is that kooking out? 

Will a kid stick a pole in my spokes and call me a nerd? 

Not sure if this will resonate with anybody, but I just feel like wearing cycling glasses I’d look like a member of the band Trans Am. I do think the guys in Trans Am want me to protect my eyes though. Be like Trans Am.

Yo, we’re getting there! Day 21.