Suffer Club – Workout #30

Variety is the spice of life, I guess, so today we rocked a partner workout. Simple idea. One person is the counter, i.e. they count their reps and when they’re done they switch exercises with their partner who is doing theoretically (but not actually) infinite reps of the partner exercise. We ran each pair of exercises for 5 minutes, with the two Sufferers swapping back and forth.

There is a lot of shoulder work here, and it’s possible your abs will hurt after.

The Sufferers complained that their butts hurt after Tuesday’s session, so if you missed that one, consider going back.

10 Leg LiftsPlank Toe Taps
10 Step Ups or Box JumpsKettle Bell Swings
10 Push UpsJumping Jacks
15 Sit UpsSquat Thrusts
5 BurpeesPlank
15 Triceps DipsCurls
Stairs (or other 30 second cardio burst)Swing Tucks or Elbow-to-Knee Planks